From time to time, we have adults/young adults that we are looking to place with a special family.  They might just be a retired show dog or they may be a foster/rescue.  If you happen to be interested in one of these special fur-babies, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to speak about this option.
Please feel free to contact Almost Home Rescue of Florida, who has a heart for the unfortunate Jack Russells and Parson Russell Terriers who find themselves, for whatever reason, without their homes and loved ones.  These special fur-babies are looking for their forever Homes.   We have worked with this Rescue for sometime now, and the owner/operator is a true "Angel" from above!  We have the highest regard for this operation and will do whatever we can to be of assistance. Thank You To MaryLu...... You have a Heart of Gold!
941-704-4765 .

                      WRITTEN  BY  OUR  MENTOR  AND  FAMOUS  TERRIER  MAN   

                                          EDDIE    CHAPMAN
These books are packed with the most valuable information... I refer to them as my "Terrier Bible".

This is the true history of our dogs, brought to us by the man, himself.  These are such treasures and

are no longer being produced or re-printed.  We are thrilled to be able to get them out to all the folks 

who also seek to educate themselves on this wonderful little breed.  Please contact us if you are 

interested, as we only have a limited number of these very special books.